Conrad-Stork DAF 2300 6x4

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Type / Model Conrad-Stork DAF 2300 6x4
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Bouwjaar 1985
Tellerstand 275.000
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Ledig gewicht 16.000 kg
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Technical specification truck mounted Conrad Combi 71 equipped for reverse circulation, airlift and straight flush drilling.

Conrad Combi 71 drilling rig, mounted on a DAF 2300 6 x 4 truck,
The truck is from the year 1985.
2747411 km.

A1. Frame
- equipped with four hydraulically operated levelling jacks. Two at the front and two at the rear side of the rig.

A2. Hydraulic system
- hydraulic pump set, powered by separate powerpack with 60 kw Deutz EL6912
- pump powers a rational designed hydraulic circuit, including oil tank, filters, pressure gauges and operating valves, providing the required power for all
drilling functions.
- system equipped with an oil cooler for controlling the operating temperature of
the hydraulic oil.
- the oil tank is equipped with two tank top return filters with visual dirt indicators.

A3. Drilling mast
- hydraulic raised and lowered by chain driven.
- trussstructure
- the mast will be suitable to handle threaded drill-pipes with a length of 4 meter.

A4. Pull-up/Pull-down system
- a hydraulic motor actuates the up and down movement of the top drive in the mast
- pull-up : 4500 daN
- stroke : approximately 4.6 meter.
- the top drive-support allows horizontal tilting over an angle of 70° (hydraulically) of the top drive in the lower position for easy handling, coupling and uncoupling
of the drill-pipes.
- furthermore the power swivel can be hinged sideways (hydraulically) to give free
access to the bore-hole.
- drill head carrier is equipped with hydraulic weight compensation system to prevent damage of tool joint threads during coupling and uncoupling.
- free downwards travel movement of the top drive support is included.

A5. Top drive (drill head)
- maximum torque : 600 kgm
- maximum speed : 60 rpm
- passage : 6 inch (150 mm.)
- direction of rotation is reversible
- driven by 2 hydraulic motors.

A6. Breakout device.
- Manual breakout device, manual operated, for drillpipes directly mounted under

A7. Main winch
- hydraulic operated winch, max. line pull 600 daN on first layer.

A8. Bottom clamp
- Hydraulic operated drill pipe clamp, mounted at lower part of the mast.

A9. Compressor for reverse circulation airlift drilling
- Type: Espholin F8
- capacity (maximum) : 6000 lit/min.
- Pressure : 7 bar

A10. Central control panel
- fixed control panel with a drillers platform (drillers stand), situated at the rear left side of the rig to make that all drilling controls are conveniently and practically located.
- Includes engine controls, engine warning lights, hydraulic pressure gauges, hydraulic operation valves and emergency stop.

A11. straight flush pump
Hydraulic driven BBA CL80/100 centrifugal pump for straight flush drillings, self priming lift, capacity approximately 100 m3/h at 8 bar.

Dutch MOT( APK) of the Truck : 01-2020
Dutch TUV on the drilling rig : 01-2020

This offer includes :

- Drill tubes: suction drill tubes 6 '' with air lift approximately 15 x 3 M tube
- Straight flusch pipe: 10 x 4 meters
- 2 x drill head for suction drills
-2 x drill head for straight flusch drills
- Drill boxes/sinks voor drilling , 2 pices
- all the necessities for the machine to be drilled, think of clamps etc etc
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Laatste inspectie: 04-01-2019

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