Spierings SK1265-AT6 Valid inspection, *Guarantee! ,12x6x10

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08 dec '22


Categorie Bouwmachines
Soort Kraan
Merk Spierings
Type / Model SK1265-AT6 Valid inspection, *Guarantee! ,12x6x10
Staat Gebruikt
Verkoopprijs €397.500 excl.
Bouwjaar 2011
Type Torenkraan
Tellerstand 130.000 km
Toepassingsgebied Bouw
Aandrijving Wiel
Ledig gewicht 72.000 kg
Hefcapaciteit 10.000 kg
Hefhoogte 6.420 cm
Serienummer 1265084
Resterend profiel voorbanden 60
Resterend profiel achterbanden 60
Afmetingen (LxBxH) (m) 16.27x2.99x3.99
Meer informatie Pfeifer Heavy Machinery Sales (+31 544463114, info@pfeifermachinery.com)
Carrier engine -
Upper engine -
Transport dimensions (LxWxH) 16.27x2.99x3.99


This crane has a valid inspection and can be sold with warranty. Inform about our conditions!

This crane is also available for rent!

Manufacturer: Spierings
Typ: SK1265-AT6
Building year: 2011
Chassis nr: XL9AT6002B0251084
Serial number: 1265084
Fuel: Diesel

Carrier Hours: +/- 8.500 h
Superstructure Hours: +/-13.800 h
KM: +/- 130.000

Drive speed: 85 km/h
Number of axles: 6
Drive / Steering: 12x6x10
Tyre Manuf. / Typ: Goodyear / 445/75 R 22.5
Gearbox typ: Automatic

Engine manufacture / typ: DAF / XE 390C
Capacity in KW: 390
Capacity in HP: 529
Engine manufacture Superstr. / typ: John Deere
Capacity in KW: 96
Capacity in HP: 130

* TCVT books and Inspection Certificates.
* Control parts books.
* Maximum load 10,000 kg (to 13.2 m)
* Point load 1700 kg.
* Maximum flight 60m.
* Max. lifting height 64.2m (30 ° topped boom)
* Airco in both cabs
* Radio / CD Audio System
* Intarder.
* On-board computer.
* Navigation System.
* Rear view camera.
* Boom mounted camera
* Radio audio system.
* Trailer coupling + connection.
* Stamp plates.
* Detroit VM D706 IE2 (130 HP) Sup.str. Eng.

More detailed pictures / product movie on our website.


Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice and subject to errors

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